Same yoga,

different perspective

By Luz & Flavia

International Certified Yoga Teachers

Shift your perspective with Yogalicia

We believe the best ideas rise when very different perspectives meet. Come and change your perception of Yoga with us, from mother and daughter Certified Yoga Teachers.

Our mission is to share our holistic vision on Yoga, which emerged from our two very different circumstances and perspectives on this discipline.

Are you one of those who think that Yoga is not for you? “I am not flexible enough”, “I need something more active”, “I am too old”, “It is too boring for me”, etc. Let us prove you the opposite!

You just need to shift your perspective and learn how to adapt this discipline to your uniqueness. We can’t wait to guide you on this journey!

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What our students say

  • Jennifer, The Netherlands

    Jennifer, The Netherlands

    Flavia is a great teacher! She gives clear instructions, helps and corrects you. I would definitely follow more classes with her!

  • Sabela, Spain

    Sabela, Spain

    Great demonstration of the power of the mind over our bodies. Highly recommended.

  • Vanesa, Spain

    Vanesa, Spain

    Very glad I met Flavia Yoga for keeping me in shape during my pregnancy. Highly recommended, you won't regret it!

  • Ineke, The Netherlands

    Ineke, The Netherlands

    I feel very comfortable during the yoga lessons. Flavia is a great teacher!

  • Manon, The Netherlands

    Manon, The Netherlands

    Very challenging but also calming and grounding classes. I would definitely recommend it.

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“Same Yoga, different perspective”